Trendreconstruct - Use the PCA calculations to reconstruct features in the series of 2D measurements

  • trendreconstructgui.exe in Windows and Linux or in OS X is the program with GUI that uses the results from trendmaingui.exe to reconstruct single or multiple PC representations of the original series of 2D measurements. It is quite self-explanatory. The manual provides more details.
  • Note that each time when trendmaingui launches it creates a temp directory to save temporary files for trendplotgui and trendreconstructgui and deletes the old one (if it exists). This prepares trendreconstructgui processes to read the output of the most recent run of trendmaingui.
  • Since trendreconstructgui reads parameters and results from trendmain or trendmaingui, a PCA calculation must first be carried out by trendmain or trendmaingui with the reconstruction option turned on. trendmaingui reads the components to use in reconstruction from the --pcn text box. The syntax it uses is equivalent to specifying pages in a print dialog. For example, 1 means reconstruct the 2D measurements using only the first component, while 2 uses the second component only. 1, 3-5, 7 means reconstruction by components 1, 3, 4, 5, 7.
  • When performing reconstruction of a PNG image series, choosing to export the original format will actually generate an mp4 movie clip. Choosing the PNG option instead plots reconstructed images.

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