Change Log

Release 1.1.0

New Features and Improvements

  • Add support to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 7.1, CentOS 6.5, Ubuntu 16.04

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug that caused trendrecosntruct.exe fail

Release 1.0.2

Bug fixes

  • HTML report bug fixed

Release 1.0.1

New Features and Improvements

  • nmr menu of trendmaingui redesigned

Release 1.0.0

New Features and Improvements

trendmaingui and trendmain

  • Supports Bruker Topspin FID/spectra, Agilent(Varian) FID/Spectra
  • Supports various JCAMP-DX formats
  • Enables clipping of input video by setting starttime and endtime

trendreconstructgui and trendreconstruct

  • Supports reconstruction of NMRPipe FT2 format
  • Supports reconstruction of Topspin FID/Spectra, Agilent FID

Bug fixes

  • Mutliple bugs fixed

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