SVD test script

  • CLI program

    trendtest.exe in all platforms

  • Synopsis

    trendtest.exe [-r] [-f [outname prefix of trendmain.exe]]
  • Description

    • trendtest.exe analyzes PCA results generated by trendmain.exe and trendreconstruct.exe. It saves a table of attributes for evaluating the SVD outcome in the prefix-svdtest.csv file. Columns of the table are: Component, Size of singular value, cumulative contribution ratio, auto correlation coefficient, RMSD, and Normalized RMSD, respectively. The last two columns are optional and depend on whether trendreconstruct.exe --rmsd was executed.
    • Note that the -r option of trendtest process is based on the last run of trendmain.
  • Options

    • -r
      -r reads all arguments used by trendmain.exe. When -r is used -f is not necessary
    • -f [input prefix name]
      -f specifies the prefix of input files. This needs to be the same as specified with the -o option when using the trendmain.exe program

Report script

  • CLI program

    trendreport.exe in all platforms.

  • Synopsis


  • Description

    • trendreport.exe generates an HTML report just in case the trendmain was executed without turning on --report option.
    • Note that trendreport process is based on the last run of trendmain.

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