Trendplot -- display the principal components identified by the main script

  • The program for plotting with GUI is trendplotgui.exe in Windows and Linux, or ini OS X. Since the report option of the main script generates an HTML report with several figures including the first 3 PCs and scree plot, trendplotgui is optional for visualizaing results. However, trendplotgui.exe provides more control of the number of components to plot and how they should be normalized.
  • Note that each time when trendmaingui launches it creates a temp directory to save temporary files for trendplotgui and trendreconstructgui and deletes the old one (if it exists). This poises trendplotgui and trendreconstructgui to read in the results from the last run of trendmaingui.
  • There are two modes of trendplotgui: PCA and ICA. It is critical to select the appropriate mode.
  • pca mode: The VT matrix and S matrix are needed for plotting PCA results. These matrices can be selected using the vtmatrix and smatrix file choosers. However, there is an easier way: Setting readparm to Yes will read the arguments that trendmain used and automatically locate the matrices as well as the choices of xaxis and xunit. pcn sets the first N PCs to be plotted.
  • When the single checkbox is turned on, pcn plots only the Nth PC. The type of normalization can be selected by setting normalmode according to Table 1 of the manual.
  • ica mode is very similar to pca mode, but does not read smatrix or show a scree plot.

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